Trust Deed - Protected Trust Deeds in Scotland

  • Trust Deeds are available in Scotland ONLY - For other areas of the UK please see our IVA or Insolvency information.

A Scottish Trust Deed has a fixed repayment period of no more than 48 months with an exact end date to clear your debts. Once your final repayment is made, any outstanding debt is legally written off by your creditors through the Protected Trust Deed.

How can a Trust Deed help me?

  • Interest and Charges are STOPPED
  • One affordable monthly repayment
  • Letters and creditors calls STOPPED
  • Prevent Bankruptcy and Court proceedings with Trust Deeds
  • Trust Deeds are possible even if you have been refused a debt consolidation loan

Creditors by law have to freeze all further interest and charges.

Creditors cannot renege on the protected trust deed agreement and cannot demand increased payments unless your circumstances have changed and allow for this.

Trust Deeds protect from court action and this is guaranteed by creditors throughout the process.

The Protected Trust Deeds in Scotland are government approved and offer debt consolidation help to all including professionals, forces personnel and police officers etc to clear debts without damaging career prospects. This advice can often influence an individual to select a Trust Deed. Find out if you qualify by contacting Lewis Alexander today!

What are the long term consequences of a Protected Trust Deed?

  • Your Trust Deed will be recorded on your credit file. This means that you will not be able to take further unsecured borrowing whilst your Trust Deed is in place.
  • Once your Scottish Trust Deed is complete, you can borrow again. However, it may take some time for your credit rating to repair after the repayment process has been completed.
  • During the proposal of your Trust Deed, you may be requested to release available equity from any property that you own to increase the overall Trust Deed settlement offer to your creditors.

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