Failed a Trust Deed in Scotland - What Next?

If your Scottish Trust Deed has failed or been refused by creditors, we can still offer you debt consolidation help!

The common reasons for a failed Trust Deed in Scotland are as follows,
  • main living income made up of benefits
  • divorced or split from partner
  • not having enough disposable income to contribute to the Trust Deed


However, lots of Scottish Trust Deeds fail or are refused for reasons that may not be obvious to you.

Refused or Failed a Trust Deed?

A Debt Management Plan or Debt Arrangement Scheme can help if...

  • You need one, new and affordable monthly payment to clear personal debt?
  • You are you getting CONSTANT letters and daily creditor contact including calls?
  • You wish to avoid Bankruptcy

Has your Scottish Trust Deed failed or about to?

What next?

debt management plan or Debt Arrangement Scheme in Scotland is usually the best route to take if a Trust Deed has failed, been refused, turned down or simply not accepted by your creditors or an Insolvency Practitioner or Company.

If you have been refused loans or credit, why not explore Debt Management?

  • If your Trust Deed has been refused or you failed trying to repay a Trust Deed agreement, we can help you with a simple Debt Management Plan. This can and will restructure your debt repayments back to an affordable cost.
  • divorce or change in circumstance can affect a trust Deed and there are many reasons why people prefer the informal route of debt management.

    Call today in confidence, 0800 018 6868 obtain Trust Deed advice or apply online for confidential debt help.

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