Trust Deed in Scotland - Fees and Costs

  • A Trust Deed in Scotland would normally take 4 years or 48 months to complete.
  • Below is an example of a Trust Deed case and the respective charges applied.

Fees are taken out of your monthly Trust Deed payments and included within the amount you pay each month.

Once a full financial statement has been taken we can work out what you can afford to repay each month whilst also taking into account any assets you may own. Our fee is paid by our 3rd party protected trust deed practitioner and is agreed as a  "preliminary case schedule fee" for the preliminary case work we undertake on your file.

  • You must NOT stop making payments to your Trust Deed, if so, your Trust Deed could fail and you would fall liable to repay the remaining balances owed. Payment holidays can be arranged.

  • Total amount of outstanding credit - £20,000
  • Total amount repaid under the Trust Deed Arrangement - £10800. (This amount may vary for homeowners with equity). The remainder balance of the outstanding credit is then written off by creditors under the Trust Deed agreement.
  • Approximately 48 monthly repayments at £225 per month including Trust Deed management Fees.
  • Approximately 37% of your monthly payment usually equates to Trust Deed management fees.
  • Fees shown do not include VAT.

For further debt consolidation help and advice regarding Protected Trust Deeds in Scotland, contact us today by calling 0800 018 6868.

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